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Wilson Winery & Vineyards – Taste of Bordeaux

The Wilson Family: Gerry, Rosie, Mick and Deanna, Owners of Wilson Creek Winery, Temecula, CA.

Paris July 20th, 2017 – 13 days


The mighty Rhone River links thousands of vineyards and wineries throughout southeastern France. Your cruise itinerary takes you on an excursion to the village of Châtauneuf- , where you will sample the offerings of several Châtauneuf-producing wineries. You’ll also learn about wine production in the Beaujolais region, famous for its delicious fruit-driven wine, and sample flavorful Cotes du Rhone table wines. Onward to the historic city of Lyon, the undisputed capital of French gastronomy. To the south lies sun-drenched Provence, a delightful region with a rich soil that produces some of the world’s most popular wines. Enjoy a Champagne tasting in Paris, then wander the bustling streets lined with museums, cafes, and chic boutiques.
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